AOK or act of kindness, is a simple concept that every person is peddling these days. It’s the new “pay it forward” lingo. I’m not claiming to be different, I just believe I have a unique twist on getting my message across. 

Take for instance my Twitter Challenges. The challenge for this weekend is to perform an #AOK for a nemesis of yours. Say you’re Batman you do something kind for the Joker. If you’re Superman you lend Lex a hand. Let’s pretend you’re me, well then you do a favor for your ex mother in law. 

Yep we had the quintessential hate on hate relationship that occurs with too many in-laws. I wish I had known about these simple AOK’s back then and maybe I wouldn’t have an ex husband. Regrets like these are what I desperately want to save y’all from with this blog. I desire to help you reach your place of tranquility so those you love will be even more blessed by having you in their life! 

I’m going to be posting my challenges in here as well and I’d love to hear from y’all about how they are working out!